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VARIOVAC Multipower, special packaging line for the highest performance requirements

The modular set-up of this machine system and its special options fulfils the highest packaging requirements for your products, be they foodstuff, non-food items or sterile medical goods.

Equipment and Operating Comfort
Siemens S 7 SPS controller; colour touch screen panel, exchangeable memory cards
standard components from renowned suppliers are freely available, e.g. FESTO, Siemens
unique top film affixing station, filed to patent
integrated cooling system, no water connection, no water consumption
gassing system optional qualified for concentrated oxygen
possible prolongation modules (optional knee-free or closed) in loading area: 725, 1200, 1450, 1800 and 2400 mm
possible prolongation modules in cross-cutting area: 725, 1200 and 1450 mm
possible prolongation modules in labelling area: 1200, 1450, 1800 and 2400 mm
powered height-adjustable supporting plate in loading area (ease loading of numerous pieces per pack)
changing of pack sizes: quick and easy by insertable dividing webs and sealing frames
setting of lifting height via control panel
sealing bridge with sealing slide-in module, makes quick exchanging of sealing plates very easy
longitudinal cutting for both flexible and semi-rigid film

Comfortable Options

Compound Punch
gas mixer, integrated
quick die changing system without cutting the films:
sealing slide-in module is parked in "paternoster" and remains in machine, sealing frames are pneumatically placed in change position and conveniently exchanged from the side
punch system: alteration of track numbers without changing punch inserts
prepared for additional devices (e.g. filing systems, oil- and brine-filler, weighing systems, package separators, package coding systems (like stamp printer, hot printer, thermotransfer printer for direct film prints, labelling systems))