Rotarius VG

Rotarius VG

Semi-automatisk trågförslutare.

Bifogade filer


Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer Rotarius VG

higher efficiency than the conventional drawer-system
continuous working process without standby time
simple changing of format dies
small footprint
perfect product presentation
Great flexibility is given due to the fact that the Rotarius VG seals trays made from all kind of different material (PP, PET, PS, aluminium and laminated carton). The chosen lidding film must correspond to the characteristics of the trays. For even more attractive product presentation you can also employ printed lidding film and film coding on the Rotarius VG.

Changing from one tray size to another is done easily and without any tools.

The manual turntable enables high efficiency; whilst the exchange of atmosphere is made in the sealing-/cutting station, the sealed and contour cut trays can be unloaded and new filled trays placed into the loading/unloading station.
Residual film will be automatically coiled and removed.

By standard the Rotarius is equipped with a special O2-security device for safe O2-flushing for fresh and read meat products.