Semi-automatisk bordssvetsmaskin OPL Serien

OPL200-10 till OPL 600-10

Semi-automatisk svetsmaskin med temperaturkontroll. maskinen kan köras vi fotpedal eller autocycle funktion (tidstyrd).
Maskinen kan utrustas med batch , datumkodning.

se pdf för mer info .

Bifogade filer


OPL Series Simple Operation
Simply place a pouch to the sealing area using your hands. The sealing cycle can be started just by pressing an air pedal.
Use the touch panel on the control
unit to set conditions such as heating temperature, heating time, and
cooling temperature. After setting
the appropriate sealing condition for the packaging material, select either automatic continuous operation or manual air-pedal operation. The OPL- 200 and OPL-300 series of sealers also offer a selection of different methods, with which to press the table- switch plate with your hands as you hold the bag. The cycle of the machine can be started by pressing the table- switch plate.
OPL-450-5 is standard equipped with a standard table. If a table is required for the OPL-450-10 and OPL-600 series of sealers, it is recommended
to use the FA / OPL stand combined with a special table. Please refer to the page 37 for the detail of optional items.

Temperature Control Using Temperature Sensor
Featuring the ONPUL System, the heating temperature is controlled
by directly detecting the heater temperature using a low-profile temperature sensor that comes in contact with the heating element. The initially set sealing condition will not be affected by the work environment or by extended use.
With the ONPUL System, a user
can set the heating temperature
to the temperature at which a film melts. This means that the user can increase the sealing strength. In addition, because only the required energy is used in the seal heating and cooling processes, it saves energy and increases work efficiency, as well as extend the product life of parts such as the heating element, Teflon sheet and glass tape.