Snorkelvac med begasningsfunktion VG602

VG-602 Serien

Liknande maskin som V402 men med möjlighet att återfylla påsen med modifierad atmosfär (MAP).
Maskinen kan utrustas med kodmärkare

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VG-602 /VG-602 Series

Air Cylinder Driven
Vac & Gas
Frequency 1,000 bags/day
The VG-602/VG-402 Series is a nozzle-equipped, electric/air- cylinder-operated vacuum and gas-flushing sealer, designed for slightly smaller bag sizes (400-600mm). Customers can choose the air compressor and vacuuming pump to best
suit their specific needs, usage environments and package contents.
When you want to vacuum the air inside the bag and reduce the package volume, or when you want to utilize oxygen scavenger to extend product life, you can use the Vacuum Sealing function.
When you want to fill the bag with nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, or with carbon dioxide to create bacteriostatic
or insect-repellent effects or to prevent spoilage and mold growth, you can use the Gas-flush Sealing function. The world is full of different things that beg to be packaged. Go ahead and package to suit your needs with the VG-602 and VG-402 Series!