Snorkelvac med begasningsfunktion i stort format LOS-NT / NTW Serien


Snorkelvac med begasning (MAP) .

Denna maskin är för stora format upp till 1370mm bred påse .
Maskinen kan utrustas olika för att packa flytande eller fast produkt .

se pdf för mer info

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LOS Series

Easy to Operate
The LOS series is the electric/
air cylinder operated extra-length impulse sealer. The LOS series
can be operated by a foot switch. The optimum heating can cooling temperature are all controlled at the microcomputer controller. Simply press the touch panel buttons for the settings.

Adjustable Head Height
The height of the head of the sealer can be adjusted to suit the package content by operating the buttons on the side of the machine. When the bag is set vertically to the head: 800 to 1370mm.
When the bag is set horizontally to the head:1020 to 1590mm.
Tilting the Head Angle
By turning the adjuster knob, the tilt angle of the head can be variably adjusted between 0 and 90 degrees to suit the package content. For example, when packaging powders, tilting down the sealer head will
allow the sealing to complete without powder spilling from the bag opening.

Standard-Equipped Heating Temperature Control

Setting the ideal sealing condition
The most prominent feature of the ONPUL System is the ability to
set and maintain the ideal sealing condition. The heating temperature setting is made possible through the use of a high-sensitivity temperature sensor for temperature control, and a microcomputer controller.

Safety Measures
Equipped with Emergency Stop Switch
In an emergency, press the Emergency Stop Switch to turn off the breaker and shut off the power. This will return the lever to its initial position.

Anti-Overheating Mechanism
When overheating occurs (i.e., when power continues to be distributed to the heating element for longer than 4 seconds), the breaker turns off and the power is shutoff.