Fotstyrd impulssvetsmaskin

Fi Serien , FR -Serien

Fotstyrd impulssvetsmaskin för enkelt handhavande .

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Fi Series

Simple Operation
Effortless foot-operation creates beautiful, strong seals. Use the timer to set the heating time. Situate the bag on the sealing area. (The heating time to be set using the timer varies by the type and thickness of the packaging material.) Simply step on the pedal to create a seal. Release the pedal 2-3 seconds after the heat indicator lamp turns off.

Good for a Variety of Applications
The sealing pressure may be adjusted according to bag thickness and material. Adjust the pressure
by turning the pressure adjuster nut located at the center of hook bar. Good for seal lengths of 200, 300 and 600mm. Models for seal widths of 2, 5
and 10 mm are available. In addition to a single-heating type capable
of sealing materials up to 0.3mm thick (total thickness of overlapping sheets), there is a double-heating type capable of sealing thick or laminated bags up to 0.4mm thick (total thickness of overlapping sheets).
The double heater type is good also for thick gusset bags.
Frequency 1,000-3,000 bags/day

Safety Measures
Anti-Overheating Mechanism
Should the heating element ever overheat (should the heater continue to heat beyond the first 3 seconds of heating), the power switch automatically shuts off
to stop the heater from heating further.